Sounder strobe

  • Certified to EN54-23
  • Piezo sounder
  • Adjustable sound level - 92dB/100 dB
  • 32 sound types selectable from the panel
  • Loop synchronization & powered
  • Base MAGPRO-DB ordered separately

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage Range15-30VDC (Nom 27VDC)
Consumption in Quiescent State No Communications500uA@27VDC
Maximum Consumption (Tone type 27)
Low Volume Level, Sound Only<5mA
Low Volume Level, Sound and Strobe<12mA
High volume level,Sound only<16.5mA
High volume level,Sound and strobe<22mA
Maximum Consumption (Other Tone types)
Low volume level,Sound only<4mA
Low volume level,Sound and Strobe<11mA
High volume level,Sound only<10mA
High volume level, sound and strobe<16.5mA
Power Volume (main tone type 27)
Low Volume-80dB(A) ± 6dB @ 1m
High Volume-92dB(A) ± 3dB @ 1m
Power Volume (other tone types)
Low Volume-75-85dB(A) ± 3dB @ 1m
High Volume-80-95dB(A) ± 5dB @ 1m
Number of tone types32
Relative Humidity resistance(93±3)% @40°C
Dimension without base116x55mm
ProtectionIP43C with MAGPRO-DB IP65 with MAGPRO-WSBIP65