Addressable Smoke Detector

  • Sensitivity level selectable from the control panel High/Normal/Middle/Low
  • Protected area - 120m2
  • Installation height - up to 16m
  • Day/Night mode
  • Low profile design
  • LED indication with 360¡ visibility
  • Certified to EN54-7
  • Base ordered separately see MAGPRO-DB, MAGPRO-DBS and MAGPRO-DBS

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage Range15-30VDC (Nom 27VDC)
Consumption in Quiescent State No Communications<160uA @ 27VDC
Consumption in Quiescent state with comms< 200uA @27VDC
Consumption in Alarm State with Comms6.5mA
Sensitivity, Selectable from Control PanelHIGH / NORMAL / MIDDLE / LOW
Protected area(in accordance with EN54-7)up to 120m_
Output in alarm state at terminal RI7.5mA (MAX) 7.5V
Wire Gauge for terminals0.4mm_ - 2.0mm_
Operating Temperature-10¡C to +60¡C
Relative Humidity Resistance(93±3)% @40¡C
Weight (Including base)125g
Dimensions (Including Base)103x42mm