Sounder Strobe for MAGDUO - Domed

  • Complete with 3 sounder modes and LED strobe
  • Volume level adjustment
  • Built-in End of Line function
  • Domed profile design
  • Device wiring base included

Technical Specifications

Depth45mm (Low Profile) / 62mm (Domed)
Flush Depth Protruding34 mm
Surface Depth62 mm
Temperature Range
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Voltage Ranges
DC Output from Mains Powered Panel25.5 to 35V DC
DC Output from Battery Powered Panel20 to 26V DC
Operating Current (Typical)
Quiescent223 uA
End of line ON if applicable (in addition to Quiescent)198 uA
Alarm Sounding – Sounder High23.5 mA
Alarm Sounding – Sounder Low15 mA
Beacon5.5 mA
Volume Level (@ 1m anechoic, Dual Tone)
Sounder High90+ dB(A)
Sounder Low65+ dB(A)
Device Loading Units
Max Device Loading Units per Zone160 DLU
Sounder High54.0 DLU
Sounder Low33.0 DLU
Beacon33.0 DLU
LED Operation
EOL indication5 second interval
Beacon Operation
Flash Duration15 ms
Ingress Protection
IP RatingIP 21C