FlexiPoint Detector with Sounder for Fire Detection

  • 7 modes of fire detection including combined smoke/heat
  • Complete with 3 sounder modes
  • Built-in End of Line function
  • Self-calibration every 6 hours
  • Device wiring base included
  • Continuous dust contamination monitoring

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Voltage Range
Operating Voltage Range18V to 32V DC
Operating Current
Quiescent101 uA (Typical)
End of line ON if Applicable+50 uA (Typical)
Non Strobe Version
Alarm Sounding – Sounder High8.00 mA (Typical)
Alarm Sounding – Sounder Low2.50 mA (Typical)
Alarm Sounding – Sounder Off150 uA (Typical)
Alarm Activated 15.50 mA (Typical)
Strobe Version
Alarm Sounding – Sounder High10.50 mA (Typical)
Alarm Sounding – Sounder Low4.90 mA (Typical)
Alarm Sounding – Sounder Off2.60 mA (Typical)
Alarm Activated18.00 mA (Typical)
LED Operation
Detector in Normal State (Smoke)Flash at 20 Second Intervals
Detector in Normal State (Heat)Double Flash at 20 Second Intervals
Detector at EOLFlash at 5 Second Intervals
Detector in FaultFlash at 1.3 Second Intervals
Detector Detecting FireFlash at 0.7 Second Intervals
Detector in Fire (Once Processed at Panel)Continuous
Device Loading Units
Max Loading Units per Zone160 DLU
Non Strobe Version
Sounder High8.0 DLU
Sounder Low6.5 DLU
No Sounder1.0 DLU
Strobe Version
Sounder High16.0 DLU