How long will my DVR record for?
The size of the hard drive and whether the system is set to continuous or motion record are 2 of the biggest factors. To achieve a decent recording duration, selecting a good capacity size and setting the DVR to motion detection will achieve the majority of installation requirements.

What happens when the Hard Drive is full of recorded data?
As default, DVRs are set to 'Overwrite' meaning once full the hard drive overwrites the old data with new data.

What is the record quality of the DVR?
ESP offer a range of High Definition DVRs from 720p to 1080p.

Can CCTV system be accessed remotely?
All ESP DVRs are networkable and can be viewed via a browser, smart phone APP or supplied software.

How do I connect my DVR to a monitor?
DVR’s of standard HDMI outputs to connect to a monitor.

Video Access Control Door Entry

What cable is required for an ESP Aperta video door entry system?
Generally all ESP systems use a good quality CAT5e cable.

How are ESPs video door entry systems powered?
The Aperta video door entry systems currently requires 1 power supply per system.

Can I connect my system to a gate mechanism?
Majority of ESP’s units have a normally open volt-free contact switch.

Can ESP systems connect to a gate mechanism?
Majority of ESP’s access control products have a normally open volt-free contact switch suitable for triggering gate motor systems.

Fire Protection

What type of fire panel system can ESP supply?
ESP offer Conventional and Addressable systems to suit a broad range of installations.

What certification do ESP fire products have?
ESP fire products have CE, CPR and EN54- 2/4 certification.

What is the maximum number of zones a panel can offer?
ESP can offer panels supporting 2-96 zones.

Can ESP supply Emergency Lighting?
Yes, ESP has a full range of emergency lighting solutions.